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Universal DIY Upgrade Kit Spare Part for Syma X8/X8W/X8G/X8C/X8HW/X8HC/HUANQI899

Universal DIY Upgrade Kit Spare Part for Syma X8/X8W/X8G/X8C/X8HW/X8HC/HUANQI899

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New DIY upgrade kit, easy to install.
Brushless engines, strong power.
Works base on 7.4V or 11.1V battery.
Automatic attitude hold.
Headless, one key home, one key land.
Compatible with most of HD camera.
Up to 300 meter control distance.


Compatible with Syma X8/X8W/X8G/X8C/X8HW/X8HC/HUANQI 899/Helicute Quadcopter(Big 4-axis).

How to install the remote controller
– Take off all the screws in the remote controller and the circuit board.
– Insert the LED to the correct direction.
– Install the trimmer and stick from original remote controller then install upgraded remote circuit board and lock by screws.
– Install antenna and left/right button.
– Weld power wires to the correct direction as pic 5.
– Assemble the upper and lower cover of remote controller and lock by screws.
– Install batteries, make sure the power light stay on and test the functions.

How to install the upgrade kit to the quadcopter
– Taking off quadcopter to pieces, insert switch module and lock by screws.
– Locking FMS by screws.
– Locking 4 light modules.
– Connecting 4pcs ESC to the sockets.
– Connecting brushless motor module to ESC, beware the correct direction as below.
– Locking ESC and brushless motor modules to bottom quadcopter cover.
– Assembling upper and lower quadcopter cover
– Installing quadcopter battery, bind remote controller to the quadcopter.
– Remove the battery and install the propeller, lock the motor cap.
(Note: There are the different rotating direction on the propellers, it has to install the
correct position according to the picture)
– Locking motor cover.
– Locking landing gear by screws.
– Locking protection frames by screws.
– Install battery,binding remote controller to quadcopter and calibrate to horizontal direction.
– Done, install camera and enjoy.

Package Included:



1* Bag of Screws,

1*Transmitter Board,

1*Flight Control Board,

4*Brushless ESC,

1*Instruction Manual,

1*Hexagon Cover