4K 360°Panoramic HD Camara for UAV!

4K 360°Panoramic HD 1440P OV4689 4MP Sensor Camara Wifi UAV Camera DVR for drone use


This product is used with the large angle panoramic optics smart phone software APP / APK achieve panoramic camera recording and playback of motion, either use a separate operation, but also can be used with a wealth of accessories to achieve a variety of occasions and photographed image capture. You can record up to 4K 3840*2160 24P,2704*1536 30P,1920×1080 60P,1920*1440 30P,1280*720 120P high-resolution photography, you can shoot 16-megapixel photos, using TF card as the storage device, compact, energy-saving, easy to carry, and compared to conventional cameras, the product to record high-definition video can be recorded more detailed perfect video screen
-Using 220*360 degree ultra high definition optical lens
-HD quality resolution with 4K 3840*2160
-The use of advanced photography compression technology
-0.82″ OLED screen display.
-30/60 FPS per second
-Can choose a variety of accessories, to achieve a variety of scenarios to use.
-The design of removable lithium battery.