3DR Solo – 4K ICE Footage from the ThiEYE Camera!

Check It Out! In the last episode I had a Homer Simpson moment and forgot to press the record button button on the ThiEYE camera! Not this time so to make it up to you folks, I upload in full 4K video so you can see the details of the ThiEYE Camera (amzn.to/2CRekmR) as the footage is amazing! So grab a warm beverage as it is going to get cold as we go up and out over the winter cold waters of Lake Huron!

Get the 3DR Solo: ift.tt/2gSgLMY

Best Drone video editor: ift.tt/2ujPCLJ

ThiEYE camera for 3DR Solo: ift.tt/2iVbXuC

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