DJI Mavic Pro – First Flight and its SUPER Cold!

Check It Out! In this episode we will be taking the DJI Mavic Pro for its first flight as here in Michigan we were having a heat wave at 15 deg(f) since the prior days were -4deg(f) I had to take what I could get to fly this thing as it was just calling my name saying “FLY ME”! Note the screen issue you hear me talk about was due to the ambient light sensor being covered by the controller. I also I don’t talk too much as it was cold and I was trying to keep the bird out of the drink!

NOTE! Here is the link ( ) to the DJI store on eBay where I purchased this, however they have now raised the price from $699 to $749 as I post this 🙁 However still a pretty good deal if your in the market or have a limited amount of Christmas cash to spend…

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