DJI Mavic Pro – I Bought One for $699 Dollars and so can YOU maybe!

Check It Out! In this episode we will be unboxing our new DJI Mavic Pro which we got for only $699 with free shiping! Now this was open box deal which I got of eBay and must say I am very impressed with the purchase! As both long time Internet freinds RJ Make and Stan Cook have been telling me need get a DJI Mavic Pro so on Christmas I came across a deal surfing the Inter-web and hit the buy button as for this price it was worth hitting buy now button!

NOTE! Here is the link ( ) to the DJI store on eBay where I purchased this, however they have now raised the price from $699 to $749 as I post this 🙁 However still a pretty good deal if your in the market or have a limited amount of Christmas cash to spend…

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