3DR Solo – Flying SJCAM 360 Camera for the First Time 360 Degree Version!

So here is the the full 360 deg video from the SJCAM flow on the 3DR Solo. In addition, if you have not seen the narrated 2D verion, here is the link: youtu.be/BfmXilp00SA Also see the notes below.

Best 360 Deg Editor: ift.tt/2ujPCLJ

Amazing SJCAM 360+: ift.tt/2kNG44x

Heads Up Flight Display: ift.tt/2kNWBoj

Important Note: When I mounted this camera on the Solo it was mounted horizontally (one lens facing down, the other up) so it would fit underneath the Solo without leg modification, this was a bad idea. While the PC (there is also a Mac version too) transcoding program allows for this orientation it expects that the camera will remain “still” in that plane of view. However it obviously can not so the vibration created stitching issues between the two cameras (in effect this camera is really two see unboxing video: youtu.be/zqsgtSJ5GRQ ) and the transcoding/stitching software joins the two images. So by mounting the camera vertically (even if upside down) the stitching planes of the two cameras will remain matched because they will move together and you will get better results.

Depth of field note: A lot of folks ask about the softness of the image, in other words the distance is out of focus or “soft” and the simplified explanation for this is because of the “depth of field” or what is more commonly understood as F-Stop. As a high f-stop means that most of objects in frame no matter the distance will remain “in” focus, however with a 360 degree camera, to achieve the affect the lens provide an incredibly low “effective” F-Stop meaning things closer to the camera will be in focus and those further away start to progressively blur which is referred to as “bokeh” effect. It like you can your cake, you just can’t eat it

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