DJI Spark – Magnetic Filed Interference and App Crash at 400 Feet!

Please visit for more information on this and many other projects! As in this episode, we will be taking a flight in Northern Michigan at my Dads place in the woods and while doing the DJI Spark starts to make a nose dive for the ground issuing a Magnetic Filed Interference error! I assume the “filed” is really a Chinese translation error for “field” and after recovering and climbing to 400 feet the App dies and I have to issue a manual return to home!

Now this is the second time I have seen the “Magnetic Filed Interference” error as the first time (covered in the prior video) was on the Phantom 3 while flying over the lake. I contributed that to all the RF noise around, but here I am in the middle of nowhere so whats up with that!

Are you guys seeing “Magnetic Filed Interference” error on your DJI copters? If so please let me know below!

Note: After doing some research, a possible answer is that the combined compass/GPS is rebooting due to discrepancies in the readings. Because if you watch closely in the video, the GPS has 17 Satellites and signal strength is full. Then it drops to zero still with 17 Satellites, so a restart seems logical but why?

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