Video Drone – Bugs 6 Is In the House Thanks to Banggood!

Please visit for more information on this and many other projects! As in this episode, we will be unboxing and discussing the MJX Bugs 6 from Banggood as they saw I was starting the “Oldmans FPV Club” and said hey Joe how about trying out the MJX Bugs 6 as an entry level Ready To Fly (RTF) FPV quad and I said sure sounds like fun! Oh and guess what, they listen to me as it has a flip button on it! Yes you read that right as you push a button and it does a flip! I am geeked about trying this out as it also has a camera for FPV as well as on-board recording to a micro-SD card.

So if you seeking an entry level FPV that is as tough as nails, then I highly suggest the MJX Bug 6 as I will be using it to work on manual piloting skills to become a world champion FPV pilot (well in my day dreams any way). Also if looking for a cool and cheap FPV receiver, our friends at Banggod have this which plus into an Android phone (sorry no iPhones) and turns your phone into an FPV receiver and recorder for pennies on the dollar!

No top of this, the great folks at Banggood have offered up an additional discount to views of Video-Drone here: MJX B6 Bugs 6 Brushless Camera 3D Roll Racing Quadcopter: (25% OFF Coupon: c80241) for even more off the Bugs 6! What a deal all thanks to Miffy over at Banggood!

Also if the Bugs is not your thing, and you want to go GPS they took care of you too with this coupon 8% OFF For More RC Quadcopter Deals: (8% OFF Coupon: Toysho) so you can’t loose out any drone your looking for! Again just for you guys!

In addition, don’t forget they run weekly specials and you can pick up all kinds of savings here with the Banggood Weekly Coupon Deals:

Also if you are looking for ALL THINGS MJX Bugs 6 related we took care of you too as this crazy fun little copter has its own curated page just chucked full of MJX Bug 6 stuff here: