Video Drone – DJI Spark First Flight with the Amazon Fire HD Tablet!

Please visit for more information on this and many other projects! As in this episode, we will be taking the first flight with the Amazon Fire HD tablet ( which we side loaded the Google Play store on then installed the DJI Go 4 App for the DJI Spark. Got to tell it it worked flawlessly (see video) as I also tested it with the Intelligent Flight modes, why you ask? While Intelligent Flight modes require the to tablet to “think” in order to process the flight path for the DJI Spark. So if any was going to put a load on the Amazon Fire HD this would be it but it shined and in fact I found its performance better than my other Android tablets.

Note: While the DJI Go 4 App worked just fine, I did have a problem with DU Screen recorder as it would start and record for several minutes and then crash losing the video. After some sleuthing around I discovered the issue was the amount of free space as I had purchased the 8gig Amazon Fire HD 7 ( and installed DJI Go , DJI Go 4, Litchi, Hover and other applications which left it with only about 1gig of free space. So as the screen recording would run the tablet out of space and without warning crash the recorder but not the DJI Go Application (which was a good thing). This is why you hear me in this video talking about screen recording but the little bit you see was dubbed in just to show the Amazon Fire HD 7 working with the DJI Spark successfully. To solve this, I simply went into the settings of the DU Screen recorder App and changed the default save location to an SD card which I inserted into the Amazon Fire HD 7 (This is the one I used: as it has to match the Fire). While this solved the problem, I would still recommend the 16gig version of the Amazon Fire HD here: as being a better option even with the SD card trick.

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Video Drone – DJI Spark with Amazon Fire HD Tablet Yes it Works!

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