Mon. Aug 10th, 2020


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Video Drone – DJI Spark 3D Printed Tablet Adapter!

Please visit for more information on this and many other projects! As in this episode, we will be at 3d Printing a small tablet hold for our DJI Spark drone on the Monoprice Mini 3D printer ( as the smaller cell phone screen with DJI Spark was just not cutting for for me however this 8 inch tablet does thick! Also if you don’t have a 3D and are into drones, you need one and the Monoprice Mini Select is a compact and use to unit (which I used to print these on) and I highly recommend it!

Mavic Pro Small Tablet Holder:

Monoprice Mini Select 3D Printer:

Get Your Fly More Combo Here:

Basic version without Remote:

DJI Spark Page: