Sat. Sep 19th, 2020


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Video Drone – Syma X8 Fly Away and Lake Huron Crash!


Please visit for more information on this and many other projects! As in this episode, we will be Looking a fly away of the Syma X8 and the crash which put it at the bottom of Lake Huron.

Note you may have turn up the audio as I was not of course intending for this video to be used like this however after the Syma was lost to Davy Jones locker this was all I had left to share as felt it worth sharing as “something” interfered with the Syma on the third flight as after becoming air born it took off and while I tried to crash it, it would not respond flying out (thankfully) over Lake Huron where it fell from the sky.

So I am sharing this as a safety video because it could have taken off over people, and two the 2.4gig band is flaky and subject to inference so I wanted people to see this can and does really happen. Remember fly safe!
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